"John has the gentle kindness it takes to listen to the many voices in our community, the engineering skills to triangulate them onto common ground and the gracious ability to articulate it well. I would be honored to serve with John." - Mary Young, Boulder City Council

"In his years of service on the Boulder County Planning Commission and the Boulder Planning Board, John has clearly demonstrated his commitment to protecting the quality of our community — quality that has been created through the visionary citizen initiatives of our Open Space program, the climate action tax, the growth management system, the height limit and campaign finance reform. Today this quality is under threat from big money and development, and John will be a careful and thoughtful representative who will act to protect what Boulder citizens have created." - Allyn Feinberg, Boulder City Council (1992 - 1997)

"John Gerstle has a deep understanding of city and regional issues after serving on and chaired both the Boulder Planning Board and the Boulder County Planning Commission. John has shown he is an honest and thoughtful leader who understands Boulder and will consider input from all.” - Lisa Morzel, Boulder City Council

"I served on the Boulder County Planning Commission with John. His dedication to understanding each of the issues in front of us was always inspiring. In my mind, he exemplifies the best that Boulder has to offer - an accomplished, extremely smart individual, volunteering his time and energy, always dedicated to the greatest good of the community. The time and thought he puts into presenting a clear statement on the often difficult issues are a rarity in any field. When the Boulder City Council can have someone like John serving our citizens, we can all count ourselves lucky.” -  Natalie Feinberg Lopez, Chair, Boulder County Planning Commission

Groups and Organizations

PLAN-Boulder County

Sierra Club


Boulder Neighborhood Alliance

Livable Boulder

Martin Acres Neighborhood Association

Table Mesa Neighborhood Association

East Boulder Leadership Council

South East Boulder Neighborhood Association (SEBNA)

Neighbors of 3303 Broadway

Save South Boulder

Greater Gunbarrel Neighbors

Boulder Rights Watch

The Elephant Journal

Current City Council Members

Suzanne Jones, Mayor

Mary Young

Sam Weaver

Lisa Morzel

County Commissioners

Elise Jones

Boulder Citizens

Ken Wright

Ruth Wright (frmr Boulder City Council member and State Representative)

Allyn Feinberg (frmr Boulder City Council member)

Fran Sheets

Peter Mayer

Amanda Bickel

Ramond Bridge

Susan Osborne (Frmr Boulder Mayor and City Council Member)

John Spitzer

Catherine Gates

Allison Burchell

Bill Kramer

Lanning Schiller

Valerie Spitzer

Robert Wells

Greg Wilkerson

Cynthia Carlisle (Candidate and frmr Boulder City Council Member)

Bart Miller

Sara Mayer

Pat Shanks

Mike Marsh

Tom Mayer

Hollie Rogin

Heidi Gerstle

Nancy Kornblum

Spense Havlick (frmr Boulder City Council Member)

Steve Pomerance (frmr Boulder City Council Member)

David Kirk

Sue Birkeland

Peter Birkeland

Louisa Mathias

Natalie Feinberg Lopez

Allyn Feinberg

Pat Shanks

Leonard May

Crystal Gray

Ruth Blackmore

Jim Morris

Karen Sandburg

Pat Billig

Frances Hartogh

Susan Davis Lambert

Liz Payton

John DuGene

Dick Harris (frmr Boulder City Council Member)

Catherine Harris

Waylon Lewis

Tom Moore